The Glow Lanterns and Christmas Bond!

Good old Christmas has always been a time of celebration and sharing. And while Glow Lanterns have been only a recent entrant to the season’s relatively older traditional elements of Christmas trees and fare, they are making a bigger mark year after year.

Popular culture too, has been taking note. Remember 2010’s Tangled?

The fiery lanterns have taken to the sky over the ocean carrying our dreams, fears, hopes and wishes with them. None more so than in Brighton in the UK. Known more for the big summer getaway it’s easy to overlook The City of Brighton & Hove in December, but not with their now popular Lantern Festival that brings folks from near and far to view the spectacle from the snowy terrain below.

Likewise across the pond, the town of Kanab in Utah conducted a Wishing Lantern Launch last year to raise money for the Kane County Sub for Santa program, which provides Christmas gifts to the kids of families who need a little extra help this year.

As many as 350 lanterns were sold and sent heavenward with messages of gratitude, wishes or love to a friend or family member who has passed. The Wishing Lantern Launch fundraiser brought in over $3,500 in lantern sales, and is set to be held year after year thanks to its success.

Closer to home in India, the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya is set to welcome in the festive season with their own Christmas festival; featuring a colourful display of lights at the Polo Ground in Shillong.

A first of its kind, this Lantern Festival is expected to enthrall and educate the audience with new art forms and even a fire painting by Rabindra Bar from Guwahati and sand animation. As many as 1500 people are expected to attend the festival, and we can’t wait to see the photos come the start of the new year!

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