Smashing Glow Lantern Deals this Diwali!

We know you folks love your Glow Lantern deals, and you’re in luck this month! We’ve put together some really good ones looking ahead to Diwali coming around, and we can’t wait to see you get your hands on Glow Lanterns & Candle Bags of all kinds, send them up and take some chic pictures of it all! Have a look at three in particular below, and remember to visit our website for yet more!

1. Superior Glow Lanterns – a round 10 for ₹118 a pop!


The good old original; these are the most popular picks and with as many as ten ready to be lit up in various colours, it keeps the shutterbugs on end as well!


2. Heart Glow Lanterns – five ways to show your love for ₹1600!

Wedding or not, nothing quite celebrates love like a Heart Glow Lantern! They’re massive and perfect for anniversaries and proposals as well!


3. Candle Bags – your stairway to heaven for ₹3090!

A Diwali favourite, Candle Bags are right at home on your lawn, pathway or even around a pool! The dim aura that results brings about an atmosphere you won’t be forgetting in a hurry!



On the hunt for more amazing deals this Diwali? Head over to to explore them all this festive season!


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